Part 2 of 2 – Sephora Purchase: Korres Natural Milk Proteins Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes


I have previously used Korres Pomegranate Cleansing and Make Up Remover Wipes and really liked them. I ordered them from and returned to the website to purchase more after I had run out. I noticed that Sephora online now offered the Milk Protein cleansing wipes as a limited edition. I decided to give them a try! So I ordered them.

I enjoy using makeup wipes because I use every square inch of the wipes to remove the day’s makeup. And I mean, I use every ounce of each wipe! Korres wipes are natural and do not include: parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes. They DO include aloe and vitamins E & B5, as well as the milk proteins. Wonderful things that are good for you face 🙂 Sidenote: Korres is a Greek company that uses natural formulations in all of their products. Nice!

When my package arrived, I brought them upstairs and planned to use them at night when I clean my face, like I always do before bed. Like I mentioned earlier, I have used the pomegranate ones before, I didn’t expect these to be much different but I was still looking forward to trying them nonetheless. When the time came to clean my face, I peeled open the package and pulled out one of the 25 wipes and began to clean my face. Right off the bat, I noticed the wipes had a very unusual scent. It was drastically different from the enjoyable pomegranate wipes I had previously used. Even now, I have a hard time putting into words what the scent is. Does it smell like milk? No, not really. Does it smell sweet? No, not at all. Does it smell “medicated”? Nope. I guess the scent reminds me of a strong “unscented” hand lotion. You know how all unscented hand lotions have, well, a smell. I believe this is the best way I can describe how these wipes smell. The wipes themselves did their job wonderfully! I still used every spot available to remove all of my makeup.

I would have to say that my review on this particular product is going to remain a bit neutral. I enjoy using makeup wipes to help clean my face of makeup and this product did do its job. However, I can’t say that I am overly thrilled with the scent these wipes have. These Korres Milk Protein wipes may be “limited edition” and that is alright, I will return to using the pomegranate ones once this package is gone.


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