Japonessa – Sushi Cocina


While my husband and I were walking in downtown Seattle on April 9, we realized that we were very hungry, so we began to look around for some place to eat. We came to a corner and saw a place called Japonessa. Neither one of us had heard of it but sushi sounded like a good lunch.

When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by a smiling and very pleasant hostess. She took our name and told us the wait would be no longer than 10 minutes. The atmosphere of Japonessa is very appealing, it doesn’t have an overwhelming Asian inspired decor as many other sushi restaurants have (and no offense to any of them). Japonessa has a polished and modern feel to it with windows that reach high to the ceiling and that allow daylight to flow through the entire restaurant. It has an inviting loft-style feel to it that reminds you that you are in a city and not the small town where we live. The decor was warm, appealing, and comfortable. I didn’t necessarily feel as though you were in a restaurant, it felt similar to sitting down and having a meal at a friend’s house … in the city!

We were quickly seated in a table that … well, we weren’t too comfortable with. It was a table for two that kind of stuck out, so we asked to be moved and the staff happily obliged. My husband and I were seated in the back of the restaurant next to the windows and with my back to a wall of impressive and ornate black framed mirrors that I thought were absolutely beautiful. Our server quickly brought us cold water and took our drink order: plum wine and house bubbly, to celebrate our anniversary.

As soon as we opened the menu, we knew that choosing sushi was going to be no easy task. There was mouth watering description after mouth watering description of sushi rolls we had never tried before. But first things first, we ordered a Tempura Plate appetizer.

The tempura was very different from what I am used to having. It didn’t have the crisp, yet delicate batter that I am a fan of. It was still a light, fried batter but a bit more greasy than I prefer. The  vegetables were very enjoyable though.

After some tough deliberation, we ordered: the Tango de Mango, the Rockstar and the Matador. We sipped on our house bubbly and chatted about the weather … and were completely blown away when our sushi order arrived. Any other restaurant guests were probably wondering why two people ordered so much food!

Now, if you are looking at the picture and aren’t drooling yet, you should be. The Tango de Mango had sweet mango surrounded by crisp cilantro, red bell pepper, topped with a thin slice of tuna and mango sauce. The flavors of this roll just burst in your mouth and the cilantro added a surprisingly great crunch and great flavor. The Rockstar roll has fresh, creamy scallops, avocado, and topped with spicy crab meat and a spicy sauce. The scallops just melt in your mouth and the crab meat almost has a slight smokey flavor to it that is irresistible. The Matador …. oh the Matador. This was quite an experience of pure indulgence, I believe. This roll has yellowtail, cilantro, and cream cheese inside and topped with an-ever-so succulent strip of filet mignon and a jalapeno garlic sauce and fresh jalapeno. The filet mignon was “like butta” that topped the incredible flavors of the yellowtail, cream cheese and the crisp cilantro.

My husband and I could simply not get enough of this amazing lunch. We ate every last scrap of food on our plates. Yes. All of it. We could barely move when we were done but the food was beyond amazing. The only thing better than the food was the pleasant and attentive staff working at Japonessa. Our drink glasses were never empty and neither was our vase of water. You could see by the genuine smiles on their faces that not only do they enjoy their work but they honestly enjoy seeing guests who enjoy their food and their experience at Japonessa.

I have thought for days of the best way I could describe just how incredible and just how fresh the food was at Japonessa. But honestly, the best way I could convey that message would be to recommend that you visit Japonessa Sushi Concina in Seattle and try it for yourself. I am positive that you will not regret it. Just be sure to wear pants that you can unbutton towards the end of your meal.

Japonessa Sushi Cocina
1400 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101


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