Pappardelle’s Chocolate Pasta


I know what you’re thinking: chocolate pasta? Seriously? Yes! While strolling through Pike Place Market, you can hear the vendors at Pappardelle’s asking you to try some chocolate pasta. I was intrigued by this and agreed to try some. My cousin was also with me at the time and she tried some as well. In my mind, I was thinking how weird it was but my taste buds were saying: “Tastes just like chocolate!”

My cousin bought the pasta and we were eager to try it out … so we made it that very evening! You cook the chocolate pasta just like you would any other pasta (and it smells delicious just cooking!). While the pasta is cooking, we prepared fresh raspberries in a pan over medium heat, added a bit of sugar, and smashed them to make a sort of glaze topping. When the pasta was done, we put about a cup full of pasta in each of five bowls. We topped them with the raspberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and Cool Whip. I couldn’t quite shake the idea that we were eating chocolate pasta but it was delicious! The chocolate in the pasta is not overwhelmingly sweet, it has a subtle but distinct flavor. The raspberries gave it a fresh taste while the chocolate syrup and Cool Whip gave it the perfect “sundae” flavor.

Pappardelle’s Chocolate Pasta sells for $6.00 for a half pound and it easily fed three adults and two children. Now we can say that we tried it, we liked it, and will definitely get more in the future!

Another Pappardelle’s Pasta to try: Tunisian Harissa Fettucini! They call it the “pizza pasta” and guess what? It has the flavor of a delicious, perfectly seasoned pizza sauce. We cooked this pasta and tossed it with Italian sausage from Stewart’s Meat Market (located in Yelm, WA but they also sell their famous jerky at Pike Place!). Serve it with a side of garlic bread and a salad and you have yourself a delicious meal!

Pappardelle’s Pasta can be found all over the United States! Visit their website to find the one closest to you!


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Daydreamer, wisdom & peace enthusiast and a kid at heart. Love seeing what the world has to offer & what I can offer the world. I have many things to be proud of but most especially, I am proud to be the mother of three amazing children.

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