Roger’s “Pit Cooked” Bar-B-Que – Hogansville, GA


On Friday, July 1, I traveled to Seattle to board a Delta airline heading for Atlanta, GA! I had never before been to Georgia. After arriving in Atlanta around 7:15pm and getting somewhat lost inside the enormous Atlanta airport, I was finally reunited with one of my very good friends. We were heading south towards Phenix City, AL when she told me that we had to stop in Hogansville for some good that she had heard about. I was starving, so stopping for food sounded like a great idea. What kind of food did she have in mind?

My friend drove us directly to Roger’s Pit Cooked Bar-B-Que right off of highway I-85, exit 28. It looked just like how a southern restaurant should look – at least in my mind. The building is pale yellow with white trim and a large porch that features several lounge chairs for enjoying the wonderful southern weather.

We were immediately greeted by a young woman sitting at a picnic bench in a gazebo right outside Roger’s front door. This is going to sound really silly but I thought her thick, southern accent was just as adorable as can be! And everyone is right about that good ol’ southern hospitality. As soon as we walked into Roger’s Pit Cooked Bar-B-Que, we were greeted with genuine smiles and greetings.  The restaurant is relatively small and was pretty empty but it was also about 8:30pm when we arrived. I’m sure not many people are out eating dinner that late. The interior felt very home-like and has wood paneling and decorated with all sorts of antiques. My favorite were the Coca-Cola metal signs.

My friend and I ordered sweet tea. It was the first time I had ever had authentic southern sweet tea – YUM! As soon as I opened the menu, one thing in particular caught my eye: Fried Green Tomatoes ($4). I have made them before but seriously, I had to try them in Georgia – I don’t pretend to think that I could make them as good as the south can! It wasn’t even a question – I ordered them immediately. While waiting on the fried green tomatoes, we asked our lovely waitress several questions about the food and types of Bar-B-Que sauce. They have two: one that is mustard based and one that has more of a hickory taste to it. She brought us two small cups of each sauce to try. I preferred the hickory and my friend preferred the mustard based sauce. We each ordered the Bar-B-Que pork dinner with coleslaw and fries ($8.49). The pork would be chopped and with our preferred sauce.

The friend green tomatoes came out to the table and looked scrumptious! There were four pieces that we cut into bite sized pieces and sampled. Heavenly! The green tomato had a sweet but slightly sour taste that the batter/breading complimented perfectly. The waitress brought us out home style ranch to dip them in but she said she didn’t like the ranch with friend green tomatoes. I enjoyed the ranch but I think I would agree, the friend green tomatoes on their own were amazing. You should definitely give these a try … or maybe send me some!

Our dinner came out rather quickly and – again – it was just as I imagined a good southern meal looking like: a warm bun topped with a hearty, mouthwatering portion of chopped pork Bar-B-Que, a dish of creamy coleslaw topped with a pickle, and a generous portion of fries. The only problem was, I didn’t know where to begin! The pork was tender, chopped into these perfect little morsels of perfection and drenched in that delicious hickory sauce. The coleslaw was cream, fresh and crisp. The fries were cooked to golden perfection and were not drowned in a mountain of salt like you find at so many other places. I was surprised to see pickles on my sandwich but then again, I love pickles, so it was a nice surprise. Regardless of the fact that I was hungry, the delicious food was hard to stop eating. I kept saying, “one more bite!”. Topping it all off with sips of that fine sweet tea was what made that meal heavenly.

What really made this experience unique (probably not too unique in the south!) was the fact that every employee that walked by greeted us and asked how we were doing … and you could tell they genuinely wanted to know how you were doing. Even the manager (I am completely assuming he was a manager figure and forgive me, I forget his name) made small talk with us and asked where we were from. Our waitress was courteous, friendly, outgoing, honest and adorable in the fact she had a smile on her face the whole time. I would mention her by name but I failed to ask for permission to do so … probably because my mouth was full of all that delicious food! I would almost guarantee that any waitress/waiter you have at Roger’s Pit Cooked Bar-B-Que will be outstanding and friendly. At Roger’s, I’m not sure what is better: the delicious food or the outstanding hospitality you will find there. The flawless combination of the two made this place memorable, enjoyable, and a place I just had to share with you. Do yourself a favor and if you are in the area, stop by Roger’s “Pit Cooked” Bar-B-Que, you won’t be disappointed.

Here is where to find Roger’s “Pit Cooked” Bar-B-Que:
1863 E. Main Street
Hogansville, GA 30230


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