Stewart’s Meats – Yelm, WA


Recently, I have become very aware that the meat (among just about every other product) in large grocery stores is, well, pretty disgusting. Meat sold in chain stores is not fresh, usually pumped full of weird unpronounceable ingredients, hormones and antibiotics. Did you know that 70% of the hamburger meat sold in the United States contains a “filler” of so-called meat that has been cleansed in ammonia?

I set out on a mission to revamp where I purchase the very food that I feed to my family.

First, there is just no way I can become a vegetarian. I love hamburgers and chicken dishes way too much. So I decided to really research the meat from Stewart’s Meats, a local butcher shop in Yelm that we have purchased meat and jerky from before. I easily found exactly what I was looking for: meat that does not contain hormones or antibiotics. They also have ground beef that comes from grass fed cattle … versus the corn fed cattle that are known to carry diseases like e.coli. (But we aren’t necessarily here for a medical lesson, so I will do my best from ranting and raving about that). Stewart’s also offers organic turkey and chicken. After surveying all that Stewart’s Meats has to offer, I wrote up my order and relayed it to an employee:

4# of grass fed ground beef

4# of chicken breast

2# of country bacon

1# of carne asada

1 pig ear for my puppy

Grand total? About $55. Knowing that I am preparing meals for my family without the harmful side effects of hormones, antibiotics, and viruses? PRICELESS. There is just something about purchasing fresh food that makes me feel better about giving it to my family.

Stewart's Meats - Yelm, WA

What I like even more (since I am a history lover and all) is that there is a lot of history to Stewart’s Meats. The meat shop began in 1929 during the depression by Emmett Stewart. His daughter, Dorothy, began her career in 1933. She helped maintain the standards of excellence up until her death at the age of 95. Stewart’s Meats continues to be run by third and fourth generations of the Stewart family. I think the history behind Stewart’s is admirable and it makes it THE place to go for fresh meats of the highest quality. All of the beef sold comes from Stewart’s own herd. You can rest assured that the meat you get is not from a dozen different animals from all over the country, like you would buy in a large grocery store.

Although we did not purchase jerky on this recent trip, we have purchased it before. There is no doubt why it is prize winning: it is simply delicious! Stewart’s earns that recognition by using secret family recipes. Earlier this year, I was pleased to see that Stewart’s jerky was being sold at Pike Place Market in Seattle. If it isn’t already, Stewart’s Meats should be a household name. But I am pretty confident that it already is. Their incredibly history, large selection of fresh meats, jerky, and exotic meats has to be a hard kept secret.

Some of the meat selection at Stewart's

I urge you to make the trip to Yelm to visit Stewart’s Meats. I can only suggest that you get there earlier in the day … or you may face an eager crowd waiting to get their orders filled. Every time I have made a trip to Stewart’s, I get a number and patiently wait in line. There have been many times where the patient crowd of customers is practically out the front door! This last trip, I arrived very early and still had to wait while three other customers were helped before me. With so many other eager and loyal customers, you may want to come find out what everyone loves about Stewart’s!

Take a trip to visit Stewart’s Meats:

17821 State Route 507 Southeast
Yelm, WA 98597-9654

(360) 458-2091

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    • Hello! Yes, I’ve been getting great info about farmers markets and co-ops in Olympia! I am pretty excited to check them out. Which ones are your favorites? Thank you for stopping by to read my blog! I’m so glad to meet a fellow Army Wife, especially here in the area! 🙂

  1. The Olympia Farmers Market has several meat vendors-including Stewarts Meats. I have bought from Oakland Bay Farm many times. We get our produce delivered to our door (in DuPont) from Terra Organics but supplement with items from the farmers market too. Wilcox Farms does a co-op for beef and I found them through, which has a great listing of local co-ops and CSAs.

    We are just getting ready to PCS, but it is still nice to meet another Army wife in the area! 🙂

    • Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! I immediately looked up Terra Organics, that sounds like a great opportunity to have fresh fruits/vegetables delivered right to my home. I recently switched to organic eggs from Wilcox Farms, which I really like. I’m also planning a trip to the Olympia Farmers Market this weekend, thanks to your suggestion! I am relatively “new” to wanting to switch to all organic/fresh foods but better late than never! Best of luck to you with your upcoming PCS!

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