AMC Loews Lakewood Theater – Lakewood, WA


It had been quite some time since I had been to this particular movie theater. Lakewood isn’t really around the corner from me, which explains why I’m not there that often. The last time I was there, I saw “Eat Pray Love” … that gives you a bit of a time frame since I was last there. On Friday, February 3, I got out for a bit of “Mom Time” and decided to see a movie with a friend. We had originally planned on seeing “Contraband” but it was sold out. Sold out? Really? This isn’t Twilight that we’re talking about. So the next and only choice we really had at that time was to see “Underworld: Awakenings”. Not my first choice and it probably wouldn’t have been my last choice either. Anyway, this post is not about the movie. But I will say: the movie was terrible.

This post is about the theater and it can be summed up very simply: BEST EVER!

Ooh! Best ever?! In all caps?! Why? A very simple reason. Loews Lakewood Theater remodeled their facility recently so that every theater contains leather reclining seats. Yes! Huge, comfortable, leather, reclining seats. I had heard other people talk about them and yes, I realize I may be the last person in the state of Washington to figure it out but they are pretty amazing. This takes the whole movie theater experience to a brand new level for me. The aisles between the seats are generously spaced, no more annoying people behind me kicking my seat. No more distraction when the people in front of you are constantly shifting around or whispering. Once you sit in the seat, you sink into comfortableness, not sure if you ever want to get up. You especially begin to seriously debate if you will ever get up as soon as you recline back and have your feet up. Even better? You are even allowed to bring a light blanket in the theater with you to snuggle with while watching a movie. Those seats definitely explained why movies were sold out at that theater.

The movie itself was inexplicably horrible but I would happily sit through any movie in that theater as long at I had myself parked in one of those seats. I definitely look forward to going back. Well done, Loews Lakewood Theater, well done!


About Heather

Daydreamer, wisdom & peace enthusiast and a kid at heart. Love seeing what the world has to offer & what I can offer the world. I have many things to be proud of but most especially, I am proud to be the mother of three amazing children.

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