Casa Mia – Yelm, WA


My husband was gone this year for Valentine’s Day, so it was just me and the kiddos! By that afternoon, my son stated that he was not feeling well. That pretty much took care of my plans to take the kids out for a special sit down dinner. Never fear! I came up with a Plan B. I knew that Casa Mia had been advertising a Valentine’s Special that would be going on all month: a heart shaped pizza (your choice of toppings), two salads, and two desserts for $30. It sounded like a fun way to have a special Valentine’s Day dinner right here at home. I picked up the phone and ordered the Valentine Special to pick up and bring home.

We had ordered carry out from Casa Mia before and had a great experience. This time was no different. I was immediately greeted by the friendly voice of a server who directed me to the cashier to pay for my meal. The hostess went over my order with me, explained how the bag of salads and desserts were packed, and asked if there was anything else I would need to complete my meal. How nice! Although I have never enjoyed a meal inside of Casa Mia, I have to say that I really enjoy the layout of the restaurant. It is small, quaint and has that cozy, inviting feel to it. (For those looking for the perfect date night, Yelm Cinemas is right across the street! Dinner + Movie = perfect!)

When we got home, we immediately dug into our food. The pizza was over flowing with pepperoni and cheese. In my opinion, the more cheese, the better. The two salads were larger than expected and came with sides of ranch salad dressing. The kids ended up splitting one salad and the other salad was almost enough for my meal alone. Oh … and the dessert? Delicious! Two slices of Chocolate Mousse cake topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzled across the top. It was the perfect way to end our impromptu at-home Valentine’s Day dinner. Even better? We had leftover pizza to finish the next day.

Looking for a fun way to treat your kids or loved one to a special dinner? The Valentine Special is running at Casa Mia until the end of the month. Casa Mia is located at:

134 Prairie Park Lane,
Yelm, WA 98597


About Heather

Daydreamer, wisdom & peace enthusiast and a kid at heart. Love seeing what the world has to offer & what I can offer the world. I have many things to be proud of but most especially, I am proud to be the mother of three amazing children.

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