By George Photography – Tacoma, WA


After my husband and I attended the Army Birthday Ball in June 2011, we were anxious to see our photo that was taken at the event. The hired photographer was: By George Photography. We were given the photographer’s website to check for our photo in the upcoming weeks. I had exchanged a few emails with George after the ball asking about the photos and I was pleased with his friendly nature. Once I saw our picture, I ordered a picture package without hesitation. We were thrilled with the quality of the picture and still have that photo proudly displayed on our fireplace mantle.

When we received word that my husband would be deploying again this year, I really wanted to have a family picture taken. We had family pictures taken last year by a family friend while we were home in Illinois with both sides of our family (which turned out beautifully) but knowing that my husband would be gone for a year, meant it could be two years before we had another family photo taken. We had really liked having our pictures taken outdoors last year so we wanted to have another photo session done outdoors. I began researching local photographers and asked around for recommendations. Then it kind of dawned on me. Why not ask the guy who did the military photos? I went back to his website and saw that he does weddings, special events, and family sittings.

I contacted George and asked if he’d be interested in taking some family photos for us. I received an immediate reply and George said he’d be thrilled to work with us! My husband’s deployment orders changed several times since December, so I kept having to postpone dates to meet with George. I felt terrible because I hate being “that person” who cancels. Thankfully, George was extremely understanding of our ever changing military schedule. After several attempts, we finally met with George on August 18, 2012.

George had suggested we meet at Fort Steilacoom Park, somewhere I had never been before. I trusted his judgment and we arrived to the park at 4 p.m. As soon as we arrived, I knew it was going to be a great place to take beautiful family pictures. There were trails, big trees, a pond, and gorgeous, old horse barns behind the park. George is very friendly and introduced himself to our family and especially the kids. I think it was important that he did that so the kids felt comfortable with him. George really has an eye for what makes a great photo. We would be walking along the trails and he’d tell us to stop for a photo opportunity. My husband would say, “George has had a vision!” The kids did great working with George and smiled for every picture. George included the kids and joked around with all of us. It made for a very pleasant and stress free experience. I would much rather work with George than to pay a bunch of money for JC Penny or Sears studio pictures and have my kids be miserable and bored.

We just had our family photos taken and we haven’t even seen the final products yet. George has been “teasing” us and posting teaser pictures on his Facebook page. We have only seen two of the many photos he took and I can tell you now, I love what I see. I am anxious to see them all!

I encourage you to check out his work. If you’re in the area and need photos taken for a special event or family photos, give George a call. He is excellent to work with and I think his exceptional work speaks for itself.

You can visit his website here:
Contact George by email:

Phone: (253) 307-6480


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