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Scooper’s – Long Beach, WA


On the second day of our family vacation in Long Beach, we made our way to Scooper’s to treat the kids to some ice cream. Little did we know that Scooper’s isn’t just a place to get ice cream, it is the place to go to for all sorts of wonderful treats.

Upon walking into Scooper’s you are greeted with so many delightful treats to choose from, you may not know where to start! There are buckets upon buckets of salt water taffy available in just about every flavor imaginable. Cookie dough, cotton candy, margarita, and many other flavors and combinations. I immediately grabbed myself a bag and started filling it up with at least two of every flavor I wanted to try.

Only part of the salt water taffy selection available at Scooper's!

The next thing that caught my eye was the homemade fudge! Unlike the salt water taffy that is brought in from Oregon, the fudge is homemade by Scooper’s. We took advantage of the daily special: buy four squares, get two free. I mean, how could you not take advantage of that deal? We made our selections of lemon meringue cheesecake, red velvet cake, cranberry, and peanut butter cup among others. Later that night, I sank my teeth into a bite of the red velvet cake fudge … it was heavenly!

Scooper's homemade fudge

Let’s not forget the mention the multitude of chocolate treats that are also available! So many different flavored truffles to choose from. We chose a strawberry champagne, Mt Hood Crunch, a dark chocolate, and several (and I mean several!) others. I just love how truffles just seem to melt in your mouth. They are just a mouthful of decadence and deliciousness.

Truffle, anyone?

Once we got past all those sweet treats, it was on to ordering ice cream! My kids, husband, and our friend ordered their ice cream cone and waffle bowl treats and I ordered mine as well. If you’ve been reading my blog, you may have guessed what flavor ice cream I chose … chocolate chip cookie dough! Served in a homemade waffle bowl, of course. Like everyone else, except our friend (who had three monstrous scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone), I chose a single scoop of ice cream to go in my waffle bowl. Why only a single scoop? Probably because a single scoop was pretty much the size of a the waffle bowl it was going in! One scoop was more than enough. Scooper’s provides tables and chairs inside their shop for guests to sit and enjoy their treats. We made ourselves comfortable and we certainly enjoyed our ice cream!

Enjoying my ice cream in a homemade waffle bowl at Scooper's

Had we not already been in our vehicle driving around town, we could have easily walked from our resort to Scooper’s. It is located on a corner of the main street in Long Beach. The lady who helped us get our fudge and truffles was so nice and so pleasant. She was patient with us as we took probably an eternity to decide what flavor treats we wanted. She definitely understood that it was hard to choose a few treats among so many incredibly delicious looking treats.

If you find yourself in Long Beach, be sure to find  your way to Scooper’s. I could just about guarantee that you will find a treat to soothe your sweet tooth at Scooper’s!

You can find Scooper’s at:

101 Pacific Ave N
Long Beach, WA 98631

SIDE NOTE: We shared our bounty of salt water taffy and truffles with our neighbors at home who so graciously watched our dog while we were away! That is why I am not positive about the flavors of truffles we ended up with. I should also mention that unfortunately, I cannot go into great detail about the other flavor truffles or fudge that we bought only because I came down with a severe case of food poisoning (NOT in ANY way related to Scooper’s) and was unable to eat our tasty treats other than the ones I tried before I became ill. Well, I actually didn’t eat anything for nearly a week.