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Some Tips: Easiest Way to Save Money


When ever someone says they are “clipping coupons”, I sometimes thought that term sounded very “Grandmother-ish”. I just recently started getting the newspaper delivered at my home. Not only enjoy reading the news but I also LOVE the coupons. Every Sunday, without fail, there are stacks of them. While flipping through them, I realized that the coupons that were offered were for every day items that I purchase at the grocery store on a regular basis. Why not use the coupons and SAVE money?!

Like clock work, every Sunday I sit down and clip coupons. I even have a coupon book to put them all in. Nerdy? Maybe. Thrifty? Yes. Yesterday, I went to and shopped at five different stores in preparation for a party being held at our home this weekend. By the end of the day, I had saved a little over $120 … by using COUPONS!

You may ask yourself: How did she DO that?! I purchased a birthday gift … which I happened to have a 50% off coupon for. (Yes, 50% OFF!!!) Right off the bat, I saved $106. I also used a coupon for Walgreens for photos that I had printed up. Instead of 19 cents per photo, I only paid 12 cents per photo. Finally, while grocery shopping, I saved even more money with $2.00 off, $1.00 or Buy One Get One Free coupons. I did not buy anything that I do not purchase normally, so I wasn’t actually “spending more, to save”.

I have to make one more pit stop at the grocery store this weekend to get soda and chips. Guess what? I have coupons for those, too. Including a “Buy One Bag of Chips, Get a 2 liter for FREE” and $3.50 off a 24-pack of soda!

Also: Last week, I clipped a coupon for Biore: Buy One Get One Free (Free product up to a $17.50 value). Who wouldn’t want to save $17.50??

If you get the newspaper, take the time to sort the coupons, clip them and use them. You will be amazed at the amount of money you can save. Even if it is a savings of $5.00, it is still $5.00 in your pocket.

Or an extra $5.00 to put another gallon of gas in your gas tank. But outrageous gas prices is a whole other story.