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Yelm Floral – Yelm, WA


My daughter celebrated her 4th birthday this month and as a surprise, she received her very first “special delivery”. Since my husband could not be here on her birthday, he arranged to have flowers sent to her to help make her feel special! Her beautiful flowers came from Yelm Floral.

You might wonder why I am writing about a flower shop, this is why: In the past, we have had bad and even horrible experiences with delivered flowers. Plenty of money is spent on flowers, taxes, and a delivery fee. After spending all that money, you’re often left with a tiny arrangement because once the local flower shops get the order to fill, minus all the big corporation fees, they are left with a tiny budget. The most disappointing part was that the flowers themselves would barely last three days. The thought was nice but it always seemed like such a waste.

We have been overly thrilled with our last two deliveries of flowers because those deliveries came from Yelm Floral! The flowers are obviously fresh, beautifully arranged, delivered by a friendly employee … and the best part? The flowers last for well over a week. My daughter’s flowers have been the centerpiece on our kitchen counter for 10 days and counting. They are still vibrant, open, and gorgeous! Every morning, she come downstairs, climbs up on the counter stool and smells her flowers. I’m so happy she loves them!

So what is different about Yelm Floral versus ordering from a place like 1800-Flowers and having Yelm Floral fill the order? A big difference. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of what you’re paying goes towards fees and is sucked up by 1800-Flowers. It in turn leaves you with a tiny arrangement that looks nothing like the picture you ordered it from. Instead, use Yelm Floral’s direct website … skip the big corporate middle man. If you don’t see something you like, you even have the option to pay a certain set price and choose “designer’s choice”. Yelm Floral will no doubt create a beautiful arrangement.

Yelm Floral completely changed our minds about ordering flowers for special occasions or just random acts of kindness. They proved to us that beautiful flowers can actually last and they can be enjoyed for much longer than we were used to. A fun side note: I don’t know who is more excited about the delivery, the recipient or the very friendly employee who is making the delivery! They seem genuinely excited to be bringing a smile to your face. I like that!

If you live in the Yelm/Rainier or surrounding area, be sure to check out Yelm Floral!

This birthday bouquet from Yelm Floral came with a birthday bear hugging the vase

To order from Yelm Floral, please check out their website:


202 West Yelm Avenue
Yelm, WA 98597-6612

(360) 458-3312