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42nd Street Cafe & Bistro – Seaview, WA


Check out their delicious breakfast menu!

On Saturday, June 16, our family was invited to enjoy breakfast at the 42nd Street Cafe & Bistro. This place is very easy to find and was no more than a 5-8 minute drive from The Breakers. Sitting prominently on the corner, the yellow building looks much like a house. The 42nd Street Café and Bistro is a lovely little place. Owners Chef Cheri and Blaine Walker offer a cozy atmosphere that invites you to come in, sit down, and enjoy being served delicious food.

I opted to begin with a cup of decaf coffee while we read through our breakfast menus. I will tell you now, everything sounded good. I went back and forth trying to choose a breakfast plate. I felt bad because our waitress had to come back to the table twice before we all made up our minds. I ended up going with the Bacon Waffle! How can you go wrong with a little bacon for breakfast?? It features a homemade waffle with delicious, thick bacon cooked inside of it. It is also served with maple syrup and butter. When my breakfast was brought out, I was impressed to see that the bacon was that hearty, thick kind of bacon that I love. Three beautiful pieces of bacon were on a bed of homemade golden, fluffy waffle. I seriously couldn’t wait to dig in. The waffle and bacon topped with maple syrup was truly a great way to start the day.

The Bacon Waffle

If you choose a meal that comes with toast (like my husband did), you must sample the homemade jam featuring Marion berries, oranges, and strawberries. My husband tried it and insisted that I HAD to sample it. I had never had anything like it before and was thoroughly impressed with the flavor. My husband is big on fruit flavored things, so he really enjoyed it. For breakfast, he ordered the Greek Vegetarian Omelet. No, he is not a vegetarian but his love of feta cheese led him to order that omelet for breakfast. I tried a bite of the omelet. I must say, the feta, egg, fresh basil, and tomato is very tasty and light. I liked it a lot. Both kids enjoyed blueberry waffles. Large homemade waffles topped with fresh blueberries and a blueberry syrup – which is homemade. The kids were thoroughly amused with how big the waffles were!

Greek Feta Omelet

While enjoying your meal, you may notice something interesting at your table: the 42st Street Café and Bistro have postcards available on each table. If you’d like to fill them out, the staff will happily mail them out for you free of charge. I chose to fill out a postcard and mail it to a friend. How fun!

Send a beautiful postcard from the 42nd Street Cafe & Bistro!

While sipping on my coffee, I read that several years ago, the 42nd Street Café and Bistro decided to stop spending money on costly advertising and now solely depend word of mouth. They have proven that advertising is not necessary. I would say based on their steady clientele, the 42st Street Café Bistro is a well known, well-loved, family friendly place to gather to eat.

Also, after our breakfast and during my bicycle tour that led me to Port of Ilwaco, my tour guide and I ran into Mr. Blaine Walker at the Saturday Market. He was very friendly and seemed very down to earth. I was happy to have met him!

Stop by and have a meal at the 42nd Street Cafe and Bistro! 
4201 Pacific Way 
Seaview, WA 98644,