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Jennie-O Turkey Bacon


I have to admit, I have never tried this brand of food before. The grocery store was out of my regular favorite Oscar Meyer turkey bacon and even the store brand turkey bacon. I love cooking big Sunday breakfasts and a big breakfast just isn’t a big breakfast without some bacon. I opted for the last remaining option for turkey bacon: Jennie-O turkey bacon.

It has 55% less fat than regular bacon and only 35 calories per serving. Turkey bacon is a healthier alternative to pork bacon, which is why I enjoy it. Some may argue that it is not actually any healthier but that is not today’s topic. Right out of the package, the bacon felt slimy and for lack of a more eloquent way to put it: it just felt weird. This morning was not my first time around the block when it comes to cooking bacon. However, looking at the end product, you might think otherwise.  While cooking, only the parts of the bacon touching the skillet seemed to brown … or black … and the remaining parts remained, well, slimy. The bacon did not crisp at all and as my husband put it, “it had the appearance of a pig ear” or like it had just come off the pig (or turkey). I still served the bacon with our Sunday breakfast but it was not enjoyed and we had plenty leftover after our meal, which is highly unusual for our bacon loving family.

I also wanted to note that the Jennie-O bacon is made from mechanically separated turkey …. if you have seen that recently popular YouTube video about how McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made from mechanically separated chicken, I think I know why this bacon tasted so undesirable. It may not be the specific reason why this particular turkey bacon was a bomb but overall, this product was disappointing.

$2.38 a package = $2.38 wasted

Jennie-O Turkey Bacon is a Jennie-O No No.