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Rogue Ales Public House – Astoria, WA


Sunday, February 26 was the last day of our little family getaway in Long Beach, WA. Our friend who accompanied us on the trip offered to watch our kids while my husband and I snuck away for a dinner date. The whole trip had been full of surprises, so of course, the location of our dinner date was also a surprise.

After driving for a short while, I couldn’t help but notice this rather large bridge that spanned the entire width of the Columbia River. As it turns out, we were crossing the Astoria-Medler bridge from Washington into Oregon into the town of Astoria. Where oh where could our dinner date be?!

Welcome to Astoria, OR!

I caught myself being all sorts of a tourist and checking out the city of Astoria. It was a beautiful city with beautiful, historical buildings lining both sides of the street (E Columbia River Hwy). When I think of JC Penny, I think of a massive store inside a mall. Not in Astoria, their JC Penny is housed in a stunning historical building with large window displays. I loved it. In fact, I loved the whole town.

As we drove down E Columbia Highway, we turned onto 39th Street and suddenly I saw a white building with a familiar name on is: Rogue Ales! We were having date night at Rogue Ales Public House! I am probably going to sound like a nerd but the way to get to the parking lot at Rogue threw me off. I stopped at the train tracks, which had a stop sign but I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to go forward or not! The one lane pier looking “bridge” if you will, well, was one lane. Was I supposed to drive on it? Well I did because you’re supposed to. As soon as I parked the car and we got out, you could hear seals somewhere nearby. How cool is that?

Rogue Ales Public House
Astoria, OR

Walking into Rogue, you could definitely tell that it was an old factory or warehouse of some sort. According to what I have read on the Rogue website, it is actually a former Bumblebee Tuna cannery. My husband and I took a seat next to a window, which was perfect because the sun was just about to set over the water. Our waiter greeted us promptly while serving us a tester of their “Oregasmic Ale” – which was pretty tasty.

View from our table inside Rogue:
Sunset over the Columbia River ... perfect!

We decided to get a taster tray. A taster tray offers you the ability to try four different ales in what I like to call “trial size” glasses. Up first for us: Captain Sigs, Brutal IPA, Mocha Porter, and the Irish Lager. Out of those, the Mocha Porter was definitely my favorite. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I do not pretend to be an ale connoisseur, so I will not attempt to embarrass myself by attempting to describe the luxurious flavors found in the Mocha Porter. I will say that I liked it so much, that later in the evening, I ordered a Mocha Porter to go with my dinner.

Mmm! Taste testing the Rogue Ales

We decided to order some appetizers before getting a second round of tasters. My husband ordered the Idaho Buffalo Chips with ranch dipping sauce. I ordered a Spruce Gin Oyster Shooter. I just love oyster shooters. My husband was thrilled with his heaping pile of hot Idaho Buffalo Chips. The flavor of the buffalo chips was really delicious. But it couldn’t beat my oyster shooter. My oyster shooters were served in a small glass with a cocktail sauce made from Rogue’s very own Spruce Gin and other cocktail ingredients. Fresh lemon wedge on the side, I was good to go!

Spruce Gin Oyster Shooter appetizer

While enjoying our appetizers, the time came to try some more ales! The second taster tray we ordered featured the Shakespeare Stout, Chocolate Stout, McRogue, and Mom’s Hefeweizen. Out of those, I really enjoyed the two stouts. I think I tend to surprise my husband with my preference for the stouts.

My husband and I spent a considerable amount of time talking, eating and drinking. We told our waiter – who was absolutely fantastic – that we would probably be there for a while. In fact, I actually ordered another appetizer! I ordered the Steamers which is a one pound serving of clams steamed in aIrish Lager broth. Of course, they are meant to be shared but my husband refused to help me each them. He is not the biggest sea food fan out there but that is alright. As big of a fan that I am of sea food, I had never eaten clams served like that before. I really enjoyed eating the clams out of the shell. They had a great taste … definitely must have been the broth. I will admit I used the bread served with the Steamers to soak up some of that broth to eat.


After finishing up appetizers and our second taster tray, we decided to order a regular size ale as well as order some actual dinner. It took us a close to forever to decide what to eat. There were far too many delicious dishes to choose from. Finally, my husband settled on ordering Kobe Tacos and I ordered The Dachsund: a Kobe beef haute dog topped with Shakespeare Stout sauerkraut with a side salad.

When our dinner arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. It just smelled so good. This large haute dog had a heaping pile of sauerkraut on it that I dug into. I dipped the hotdog into the Younger’s Special Bitter mustard that came on the side and took a big bite. Heavenly! The haute dog was absolutely delicious, the sauerkraut had a bit of a crunch along with that amazing flavor from the Shakespeare Stout and the mustard just seemed to top it all off.

The Dachsund & the Kobe Tacos

It sounds like a million different flavors all at once but you will be pleasantly surprised with how well the flavors all work together to provide a mouthful of satisfaction. My husband was very happy with this Kobe tacos, too. I only ended up being able to finish about half of my meal but you bet your bottom that I brought the rest of him back to the hotel with me!

Our whole experience at Rogue Ales Public House was just so much fun. From the drive through Astoria to trying ales to trying new food. Rogue Ales Public House has a large, open layout but while sitting at our table next to the window, it felt intimate yet fun. This is definitely a place you can go to kick back after a long day or a place to go to on a dinner date. Our waiter was phenomenal. He was patient, funny, courteous, and knowledgeable. Not only did we eat a ton of food and try amazing ales, we ended up leaving with a hooded Rogue sweatshirt and a bottle of Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale. If you’re a fan of Rogue, I highly suggest making the trip to Astoria. If you’ve never tried Rogue Ales, stop in at one of their many locations. I am just about positive you will be able to find your favorite. I will say with complete confidence that it is a place that I will be back to in the future.

We will definitely be back!

You can find Rogue Ales Public House at:
100 39th St. (Pier 39)
Astoria, OR 97103
Phone: (503) 325-5964