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Part 2 of 2 – Sephora Purchase: Korres Natural Milk Proteins Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes


I have previously used Korres Pomegranate Cleansing and Make Up Remover Wipes and really liked them. I ordered them from www.sephora.com and returned to the website to purchase more after I had run out. I noticed that Sephora online now offered the Milk Protein cleansing wipes as a limited edition. I decided to give them a try! So I ordered them.

I enjoy using makeup wipes because I use every square inch of the wipes to remove the day’s makeup. And I mean, I use every ounce of each wipe! Korres wipes are natural and do not include: parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes. They DO include aloe and vitamins E & B5, as well as the milk proteins. Wonderful things that are good for you face 🙂 Sidenote: Korres is a Greek company that uses natural formulations in all of their products. Nice!

When my package arrived, I brought them upstairs and planned to use them at night when I clean my face, like I always do before bed. Like I mentioned earlier, I have used the pomegranate ones before, I didn’t expect these to be much different but I was still looking forward to trying them nonetheless. When the time came to clean my face, I peeled open the package and pulled out one of the 25 wipes and began to clean my face. Right off the bat, I noticed the wipes had a very unusual scent. It was drastically different from the enjoyable pomegranate wipes I had previously used. Even now, I have a hard time putting into words what the scent is. Does it smell like milk? No, not really. Does it smell sweet? No, not at all. Does it smell “medicated”? Nope. I guess the scent reminds me of a strong “unscented” hand lotion. You know how all unscented hand lotions have, well, a smell. I believe this is the best way I can describe how these wipes smell. The wipes themselves did their job wonderfully! I still used every spot available to remove all of my makeup.

I would have to say that my review on this particular product is going to remain a bit neutral. I enjoy using makeup wipes to help clean my face of makeup and this product did do its job. However, I can’t say that I am overly thrilled with the scent these wipes have. These Korres Milk Protein wipes may be “limited edition” and that is alright, I will return to using the pomegranate ones once this package is gone.


Part 1 of 2 – Sephora Purchase: Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3


Several weeks ago, I really began to notice these annoying white dots on the sides of my face. They were on the very far edges of my forehead and down by the outer part of my eyebrows. I figured it was dry skin, so I exfoliated twice that evening with L’Oreal’s Go 360 Clean and moisturized. I realized the white specks remained. I tried again the following day but the specks still stood their ground. Out of frustration, I went to the store and bought Neutrogena’s Deep Clean cleanser/mask and Oil Free Acne Wash (pink grapefuit foaming scrub). Although I loved how the pink grapefruit scrub smelled and felt as I was using it, I was still not getting the results I wanted. When I applied makeup, it successfully covered the white specks but the makeup would eventually look “flaky”, which irritated me even more.

I was at my wit’s end when I decided to do some research exfoliators, facial cleansers and clarifiers. More often than none, Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion came up. I headed over to www.sephora.com and found several Clinique products. After reading reviews and descriptions of products, I decided that Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion 3 was right for me. I ordered the 6.7oz bottle which retails for $12.50 (I also ordered another item but that review will come later!).

When my Sephora box arrived, I was pretty excited to give this new product a try. Those annoying white specks were still present and very obnoxious. On a clean face, I used a cotton ball and used the clarifying lotion on my face and neck. I kid you not, I could see immediate results. I looked at the cotton ball and was a little surprised with the trace amount of dirt/makeup that it was clearing off my face. But more importantly, after I was completely done, the first thing I noticed was that those white specks were … GONE! Within a short amount of time of me completing cleaning my face, I felt like my face was literally the cleanest it has been in a long time. My skin felt tight, smooth, clean, and refreshed. I feel like my entire natural complexion has improved in the few days that I have been using this product.

I use the Clinique Clarifying Lotion twice a day. Once in the morning and once before I head to bed. I am fairly certain that I will become a loyal Clinique user!

If you are uncertain about spending $12.50 on a 6.7 oz bottle of clarifying lotion, I would have to say give it a try. I’m not big on spending a ton of money on any form of cleanser but after trying the other facial cleansers and not being happy with them, other than how good one of them smelled, why waste that money and be unhappy? Invest in a cleaner that works and one that you will be happy with. Also, you should only need one cotton ball, maybe two, worth of clarifying lotion to see results. The 6.7oz will last longer than you are probably thinking it will, that’s an added bonus!

If you’re thinking you would be interested in this product, head over to Sephora by using the link below:


If I had one, just one negative thing to say about this Sephora shopping experience, it wouldn’t be about the products at all. My complaint would be from the length of time it took to receive my order. From the date I placed my order to the date I received it, it took two weeks. Two weeks in today’s world for internet orders seems like snail mail to the extreme. So many other online retailers spoil their buyers with overnight shipping, two day shipping, or at the very most, 3-5 day shipping at no additional charge.