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Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique – McKenna, WA


The following is my article about Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique that was featured in the February 2014 edition of the online JBLM Spouse Magazine:

Soon after you find out that you are expecting a little bundle of joy, you may find yourself making list after list of everything that you will need to welcome a baby into your life. Panic may follow when you think of the hefty price tag that comes along with all those items. One stop at the Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique in McKenna will help ease that panic when you see that you can quite possibly get everything you need in one place. The best part is that you won’t pay full retail prices.

Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique opened their doors six years ago in Yelm but have most recently made their home in McKenna. The boutique currently specializes in offering previously owned clothing, crib bedding, cribs, strollers, and just about anything else you may need for your baby or toddler. The concept of the Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique is to keep products going so that they are used more than once, which creates less waste. “We offer a more inexpensive alternative than normal retail businesses,” said owner, Sara Ramos. “With such a large, local military population nearby, we also get products from other states or countries that people here don’t normally see.” This allows Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique an advantage by offering more unique baby items than you might find anywhere else. Beyond the multiple racks of clothing and bedding, Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique also has jump-a-roos and baby swings as well as an impressive array of stroller and infant car seat combinations to choose from.

Sara Ramos purchased the store from her long time friend, Serena Hoffman, in December 2013 and has plans to expand the boutique into something even bigger. Soon, the boutique will offer an expanded children’s clothing section as well as adult and junior clothing as well. The idea of expanding the store came from Ramos wanting to make the boutique a convenient, one-stop shop for parents. She would like to alleviate the hassle of packing up and unloading children at multiple stores just to get clothing for kids of different ages and sizes. “You can get something for yourself and the baby,” said Ramos. “I’d like it to be convenient for the whole family.”

Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique also offers in store credit to patrons who donate items they no longer need. When your child grows out of clothing or becomes too big for their crib, you can bring those items in for store credit. Customers are then allowed to use their store credit to purchase items that they do need. “That program is great because you don’t necessarily have to have money in your pocket to purchase things here,” said Ramos. The in store credit also does not expire.

The main thing that keeps Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique above the rest is their dedication to only taking and receiving items that are in near perfect condition. Ramos does not take items that have rips, stains, missing buttons, or zippers that don’t work and all pieces must be present. Ramos even takes many of the donated items to her home to clean them herself so that they are presented well in her store.  She prices all items offered in her store well below retail price to make things affordable for any type of budget.

The variety of things you will find at Bullfrogs and Butterfly Boutique will surprise you. Ramos says it reminds her of treasure hunting because there are always new items coming in. Whether it is your first child or your fourth, you will be no doubt be able to find what you need at Bullfrogs and Butterflies Boutique. Although it can be a one stop shop to fulfill all your needs, it will be hard not to keep coming back to see what is new.

I happen to shop here quite frequently lately! Sara began to recognize me by face before I ever had a sit down interview with her. She knows what I am looking for, how I have decorated my nursery, and remembers my name every time I walk in. In fact, yesterday, she knew that when I walked in the door of her shop that I was there to inquire about the owl Bumbo seat cover that she had posted on the shop’s Facebook page! I laughed as soon as she asked me if that is what I was there for. Of course, I bought it. Please be sure to stop in an see Sara and tell her Heather sent you. This is THE place to drop off all your children’s old clothes and toys to get merchandise credit or just pass it on to be used again and again. 

Bullfrogs and Butterflies
35025 90th Ave South
McKenna, WA 98558

Visit their Facebook page so you don’t miss out on Fan Friday Deals!


Frenchy’s Cafe & Crepery – Lakewood, WA


As a freelance writer for the local newspaper, I was given contact information for Frenchy’s so that I could write a feature about it. Last week, on Thursday, Novemer 21, I was able to meet with the owner, Lindsey, and chat with her for a while.

It took three long years for Lindsey Hubbard to find the perfect location to open her very first café. She happened to finally find that perfect location in Lakewood. This year, in July, she proudly opened the doors and welcomed customers into Frenchy’s Café and Crêpery. The inspiration for the café came from Hubbard’s aunt who previously owned a crêpery in the Bremerton area. Hubbard had enjoyed working in the crêpery and the idea of serving freshly made crepes to customers so much that she knew that some day, she’d like to have a café of her own.

Frenchy’s Café and Crêpery sits in a quaint and quiet location on Edgewater Drive in Lakewood. Customers can come in and see their food being prepared with fresh ingredients. Many of the recipes that Hubbard to make Frenchy’s menu creations are family recipes. Hubbard uses fresh breads from local venders as well as locally purchased fruits and vegetables. Frenchy’s offers a delectable selection of Paninis, sandwiches, and of course, crêpes. They also have a selection of coffee, tea, and Italian soda. Customers will be delighted with the cozy, welcoming atmosphere found inside of Frenchy’s from their outdoor-market inspired counter (complete with an adorable black and while awning) to their built in benches for seating with pillows. The eclectic music that plays quietly and the ambience offered inside Frenchy’s is relaxing, inviting, and friendly that anyone would find welcoming.

Frenchy's Cafe & Crepery in Lakewood, WA

Frenchy’s Cafe & Crepery in Lakewood, WA

It wouldn’t be unusual to walk in and see Hubbard’s smiling face as she welcomes you into her café. Hubbard is very quickly building a clientele of regular customers who are fans of the fresh food that is prepared at Frenchy’s as well as the friendly, relaxing atmosphere. “I love this place,” said Specialist Jennifer DeLeon of the 16th CAB at JBLM. “I’ve been coming here twice a week for two months now.” Hubbard finds herself quite busy during the morning breakfast rush and gets a steady stream of customers who come in for lunch. “I love the atmosphere, the food, and definitely the hospitality here,” said SSG Roger Leach of the 1-17th Infantry Regiment at JBLM. If you’re on the go and can’t stay for a sit down, Frenchy’s also offers a drive through window.

Frenchy’s offers breakfast and lunch paninis as well as crêpes for lunch or crêpes filled with sweet ingredients. A new menu item is the Mediterranean Crêpe that is stuffed full of large portions of chicken, freshly diced tomatoes, spinach, crumbled feta cheese, and cranberries and comes with a raspberry vinaigrette dip ($10).This is what I ordered, along with a cherry Italian soda – let me tell you, it was fantastic. So fresh, full of flavor – I loved every bite.

Mediterranean Crêpe and cherry Italian Soda at Frenchy's

Mediterranean Crêpe and cherry Italian Soda at Frenchy’s

Frenchy’s Café and Crêpery offers a refreshing approach to eating well while enjoying the company and smiling faces of those around you. With a name that is easy to say and remember, it won’t take long for Frenchy’s to become your new favorite place to stop in, sit down, unwind, and get lost in the French inspired atmosphere and delicious foods.

If you’re in the Lakewood area, stop by Frenchy’s Cafe and Crêpery. Military and students receive 10% off!

8813 Edgewater Dr Ste A
Lakewood, WA 98499
(253) 327-1454

Mon-Fri 6 am – 7 pm
Sat-Sun 8 am – 7 pm