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Adele – “21”


I had heard a lot of positive feedback about the artist, Adele, from several friends on social networks. Personally, I had never heard of her and I don’t easily jump on the “it person” bandwagon. While shopping on Amazon.com, a link popped up about her new album, “21” and I clicked on it. I heard a preview of the track “Someone Like You” … and I was hooked. I downloaded the entire album and have been listening to it ever since.


If Adele doesn’t capture your attention with her powerful, sultry voice she will certainly gain your attention with the powerful and heartfelt lyrics found in her songs. “Someone Like You” tells a story of an ended relationship and how hard it is to move on. You can hear the pain and perhaps the suffering of seeing a former love with someone else and how much it stings the heart. “Set Fire to the Rain” again showcases Adele’s powerful yet delicate voice. Her extraordinary voice is reminiscent to something perhaps retro but at the same time all her own.┬áThe album I downloaded features three songs recorded live. Even in a live performance, her songs and voice is a force to be reckoned with. Her ballads tend to tug on the strings of your heart because somewhere in there, you know you can relate to what she is singing so tenderly about.


I am eager to listen to her previous album, “19“. If it is anything as spectacular as “21, I know it will be a treat to listen to. I would encourage everyone to check out Adele’s new album and fall in love with her musical style, her voice and her songs.