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Flanagans Apple Irish Pub – Yelm, WA


After spending the day soaking in the sunshine with the family and putting the kids to bed, my husband told me to grab a jacket because we were going out for a spontaneous date night. (Of course, the kids were left with a babysitter!) I kept asking where we were going and he wouldn’t say. All he would say was that we were not leaving the Yelm area. So we got in the vehicle and headed out. Once we arrived in Yelm and were heading down Yelm Avenue, I honestly not sure where we were going. Then he pulled into the parking lot of Flanagans Apple Irish Pub, a place we had never been before.

Walking up the building, I noticed that it was quite small but quaint. The land in front of the pub is covered in a luscious garden. It made me feel like we were walking up the sidewalk to a home, not a pub. Once inside, that is when the “magic” really happened. There was something about the atmosphere, the people, and the smell (yes, the smell) that quite literally transported me out of Yelm and somewhere else. My husband and I took a seat at a table and were immediately greeted and offered a menu. My husband ordered a Smithwicks and I ordered a mixed beer called a Snake Bite. There was an open mic night in progress and the people playing were employees of the pub. As my husband and I sipped on our beverages, I couldn’t help but feel just how home like this pub was. Not that I make it a regular habit of making bars or pubs my home but it just really felt warm, inviting, and well … like home. Flanagans Apple is family owned and operated and maybe that is where the welcoming atmosphere comes from. Then there is the smell. The best way that I can explain it is that the smell contributes lovingly to the atmosphere. Like the pub was some place familiar, somewhere where you had always gone to, like the place had been around for quite some time. Sitting back, sipping on our beer, and listening to the great live music was such a great way to unwind – not just from the day but from life itself. Everyone in the pub knew each other (except the obvious newbies: my husband and I!) and everyone was so friendly. If I turned around in my seat,I could plainly see Yelm Avenue out the window. But with my back towards the window, I could have sworn I was someplace other than Yelm, WA.

Enjoying my Snake Bite at Flanagans Apple Irish Pub in Yelm

It almost doesn’t matter what we ate or drank (the Snake Bite was amazing) because the place itself is fantastic. The food and drink make it even better but I truly think the people are the frosting on the cake. I feel ashamed for having lived in the area for nearly three years and am only just now discovering this hidden gem in Yelm. This is a place that we will definitely be going to again and I already can’t wait to get back there.

You can check out Flanagans Apple Irish Pub by visiting them at:

718 West Yelm Avenue
Yelm, WA 98597