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The Breakers Resort – Long Beach, WA


The Breakers Resort – Long Beach, WA

My family and I arrived at The Breakers late afternoon on Friday, June 25. My husband pulled up next to the lobby allowing me to hop out and check in. The front desk employee was very courteous and seemed to be very happy to have us there. She carefully gave directions to our room, let us know where to find the pool, and gave us a map showing us where the hotel park was, the trail to the beach, as well as other hotel amenities.

Our room was right across from the main lobby up on the third floor. As soon as we entered our room, I could tell that it had a wonderful, inviting cozy feeling to it. It felt exactly like we were walking into a fully furnished beachfront condo instead of walking into a boring hotel suite. To our surprise, there were several goodies waiting for us on the table! A bag of beach toys and kites for the kids (EXCELLENT idea!), a basket of pamphlets for local events, a bottle of wine, and locally canned albacore tuna and salmon, and a lovely bouquet of flowers. I must say, this display of hospitality made me feel a bit like a celebrity rather than a writer coming to take a tour of the area. And by the way, the salmon and tuna was delicious! (Welcoming package compliments of Funbeach.com)

What a nice welcome! (Compliments of Funbeach.com)

Our room was very large and quite spacious. It features a full size kitchen, a table for six, sofa will a full size pull out bed, oversized chair, rocking chair, fire place, and a bedroom with a king size bed. The best part? The deck that leads out to an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean! Being able to see the glistening ocean from the deck made this room worth a million dollars.

The view from our deck … beautiful!

Another nice touch was the fact the room had several extra pillows and blankets. Not just any run of the mill “hotel” blankets (you know what I’m talking about!), I mean the kind of comfy, soft blankets you’d have in your own home and the blankets you’d have on the back of your sofa at home. Another reason why I say this felt more like a fully furnished condo instead of a hotel room is because of how it was furnished. Not the dull furnishings you’d see in a big name hotel but the rooms features little trinkets lined across the fire place mantle and personal touches filled the walls. Our room had a nice selection of movies to choose from as well as a cabinet full of all your favorite board games! We had fun playing a few rounds of Candyland and Battleship. What an excellent touch to the room! There was another small but significant feature about the room that I thought was just awesome. On one of the side tables, there was a small journal. Inside, previous guests from all sorts of places had written entries regarding their stay in that very room! I read through some of the entries and some really stuck out. One couple had spent their honeymoon there and had returned several years later to celebrate an anniversary. Two sisters had stayed there to catch up with one another. The stories were really touching. Of course, we added a journal entry of our own.

Our room at The Breakers Resort

After unpacking a bit, we decided to take advantage of the sunshine. We headed out across the parking lot to get to the trail that led to the beach. On our way, we passed the playground and the covered community grill. It wasn’t just one grill but several grills and benches. What an awesome place to meet new friends while sharing a meal! I thought this was a really neat feature. We found the trail and started making our way to the beach. The trail was clean of garbage and easy to walk. In no more than five minutes, you find yourself walking up a small hill and then see the beach make a brilliant appearance.

… and suddenly the ocean makes a grand entrance!

The kids ran towards to beach and could not wait to start digging in the sand with their new shovels and buckets compliments of FunBeach.com. We enjoyed splashing around in the water, collecting interesting objects in the sand, and taking lots of photos.

My favorite photo of the beach … just look at that view!

After frolicking on the beach, we made our way back to our room. We utilized the full sized kitchen in order to prepare dinner that first night. The kitchen had everything you needed from plates, utensils, and baking sheets to wine glasses. The appliances were clean, easy to use, and everything worked properly.

The next day, we decided to relax a bit and enjoy the pool! The pool is located in a separate building which was right across the street from our room. The pathway to the pool is lined with well kept and beautiful flowers. The kids were very anxious to get in the pool and splash around! The pool was clean and not too cold. We all had a lot of fun swimming and relaxing! I was able to kick back and relax in the hot tub for a while, too, which was even better. The indoor hot tub could probably use a little work. Not all of the jets worked properly. The outdoor hot tub, which is considerably larger than the outdoor, was significantly nicer. One thing that I noticed about the pool area was the shelf that should provide towels for guests was empty. They could probably use some more seating in the area, too. There were two other families in the pool besides ours and not enough dry places to put towels or clothing. One guests resorted to putting her clothes on a window sill. Overall, though, the pool and hot tub provided an excellent place to play and unwind.

The indoor pool and hot tub (there is another larger hot tub outdoors)

Part of my tour (which I will elaborate on in my next posts) included a bicycle tour. I wanted to mention that the purple beach cruiser that I used as well as the safety helmet were compliments of The Breakers Resort for their guests to use. And I would almost have to insist that you take advantage of the bicycles and enjoy the Discovery Trail that is located just a few yards from the resort. It is such a wonderful, easy – and educational! – trail. More about that soon …

Checking out was easy and efficient. Once again, the ladies at the front desk were extremely courteous and I don’t think the smiles on their faces every left while hearing about what a wonderful stay that we had. They seemed incredibly happy that we had enjoyed our stay at their resort.

So what did I think overall? I think The Breakers Resort is an excellent place to take family. The whole place is family oriented and family friendly. I really liked the fact they had a cabinet of family board games to play. Getting the family together after a fun filled day to play a board game was a nice way to unwind while having fun at the same time. A vast majority of the rooms – if not all of them – have spectacular views of the ocean. The room itself was clean and welcoming. There was nothing like curling up in the oversized chair with a light blanket to read while occasionally gazing outside at the ocean view. I think it would be a fun place to have bring the family … and I mean maybe the whole family! Some rooms at The Breakers Resort can accommodate up to eight people!

The Breakers Resort at Long Beach

The Breakers Resort offers a variety of rooms in different sizes and is also pet friendly. Their rooms start at just $179 a night. You can check them out by visiting their website at: www.breakerslongbeach.com