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Kashi: TLC Original 7 Grain with Sea Salt PITA Crisps


Several months ago, I signed up on the Kashi website to receive their newsletters and of course, coupons for their products. I have tried their products (mostly their cereal) in the past and really enjoyed them. The reason I don’t buy them on a regular basis is simply for the fact that although their products are healthy and natural, they do tend to be a bit more expensive as well. Which comes first? Healthy snacks? Or keeping to our strict budget? More often than none, the strict budget comes first.

I went to the mailbox today and received a surprise! In my mailbox was a full size (7.9oz) box of Kashi’s new TLC Original 7 Grain with Sea Salt PITA Crisps, compliments of Kashi. Wow! Full size sample? Yes, please!

 Today my lunch consisted of a grilled chicken flat bread sandwich and about 7 Kashi PITA Crisps. As I opened the PITA Crips, the first thing I noticed was how large the crisps were. Normally, when I think of “diet” chips or “healthy” chips, I think of dime size “chips” that dissolve in your mouth the moment you put them in. Not the PITA Crisps … they are about the size of a Wheat Thin but thicker. When you begin to chew the PITA Crisp, you immediately notice that you have a mouthful of goodness. Just because they are made from 7 whole grains doesn’t mean it tastes like cardboard either. The dash of sea salt on the top of the PITA Crisp compliments the smoothness of the 7 grains.

Kashi PITA Crisps feature 5g of Fiber and 10g of whole grains. 11 PITA Crisps (which is more than enough to satisfy that crunchy craving!) has 120 calories (I didn’t even eat or need 11 PITA crisps to go with my lunch). I’d much rather choose these satisfying and delicious crunchy crisps over reaching for a bag of fattening and oily potato chips that leave you feeling … well, bloated and gross (That is how I feel when I eat too much junk food).

Kudos to Kashi for sending out the free sample of their new Original 7 Grain PITA Crisps! It was a pleasant surprise (anything free is nice, isn’t it?) and it made me try something I may have walked by and passed up in the grocery store. Chances are, the next time I go grocery shopping, these Kashi PITA Crisps are going to be on my shopping list. And why wouldn’t I buy them? Just like it says on their box:
“…you can satisfy your snack craving and feel great about it”. It’s a WIN/WIN!

To learn more, visit the Kashi website: